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Born in Italy and educated between California and Spain, Mario has lived and worked in Europe, USA and Asia. Lawyer and then Commercial Director for almost 5 years in Madrid at LiveU, producer of streaming technology for photography started when he was very young with a 35mm Pentax. This endless search made him leave his brilliant international career as a lawyer to devote himself entirely to art. Nowadays is a photographer and Creative Director for brands such as Lamborghini Spain, Deus Ex Machina, Bentley Spain, Redbull, Vans etc and he is based full time in Bali.

Mario is expert at catching & conveying emotions through natural light and capturing light and capturing speed and soft details in a wat that many photographers are able to do. Whether it’s dangling out of a Lamborghini or tied to a biker in the m idle of the freeway – Mario will do just about anything to get perfect shot

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